The Microchip Food Bowl
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DuoBowl™ Microchip Food Bowl
DuoBowl™ is similar to the SoloBowl™ microchip pet feeder however the bowl is divided into two. You can choose if one pet has access to both sides or if two pets each have access to either the left or the right half.

Like the SoloBowl™, the DuoBowl™ will recognise the ID microchip already implanted in your pet so no collars or tags are needed.

In addition, the DuoBowl™ has an electronic clock which allows you to set different feeding times for the two halves of the bowl. So, for example, if you want your cat to have access to dry food all day but only to eat wet food at certain times in the morning and evening, then the DuoBowl™ is ideal for this application, whilst still preventing other animals from eating the food.

The actual bowls of the DuoBowl™ and SoloBowl™ are both removable and are dishwasher proof and the lid can easily be removed for cleaning.