The Microchip Food Bowl
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SoloBowl™ Microchip Food Bowl
SoloBowl™ microchip pet feeder is a covered food bowl which only opens for one chosen pet. You can choose which pet has access to the bowl so that only they can eat food placed in it.

SoloBowl™ recognises your selected pet by the ID microchip already implanted in your animal, so no collars or tags are needed. Once the microchip is recognised, the lid will rotate to an open position so that your pet has access to the food.

When your pet has eaten enough and has walked away from the bowl, the lid will again rotate to close the bowl, thus covering the food and ensuring that other pets or pests are prevented from accessing the contents of the bowl.

The SoloBowl™ is ideal for those households where one pet needs to be restricted to a particular diet or where another pet is always stealing food from other animals.

If your pet has a mixture of different foods, or if you wish to set particular times of the day when the animal needs to be fed, then please see our DuoBowl™ range of microchip food bowls.